Security Product

Data is the important asset of any organization hence each organization focus on its security at each level of working.

Under the security products at SAID Technologies you will get everything under one umbrella. Perimeter security, endpoint security, Data Security, Cloud security & security to your IT assets.

We put one step ahead & have sign up partnership with various leading solution provider /OEM in industry.

We ensure to secure your IT infra with the help of next level / highly trusted security products.


Brands We Provide

Perimeter Security:- Firewall/ UTM Checkpoint Logo Forinet Logo Jupiner Logo Sophos Logo
End Point Security:- Kaspersky Logo ESET Logo Trend Micro Logo Mcafee Logo
Data Leak Protection:- ESET Logo Trend Micro Logo Mcafee Logo
Cloud & IT assets Security:- Everest Logo PRTG Logo Qualys Logo Haltdos Logo Solarwinds Logo Nagios Logo Sequretek Logo