The next level of services above the resident engineer, is FMS. Under this service a complete site study and documentation is first carried out. Based on this, SAID offers a host of services which are mentioned in the Brief Scope of Services below:

The advantage of FMS over resident engineer services is apart from providing Full Day site engineers, SAID also provides the following things:
Complete mapping & documentation of all the IT processes and equipment’s at the client site.
Well-documented reports for all Processes & Services are submitted at pre-defined frequencies in an easy to understand format.

Brief Scope of Services offered by SAID FMS Engineers

Hardware Support Services, Software support service, Pre & Post Installation, Mail System Management, Server Management, Virus Control, IT Security Management, Data and backup management, User Management.

This results in the following benefits for any client:

Entire network gets high uptime and availability, Total documentation of network & all IT processes, Periodic Virus control & preventive maintenance, Inventory control and Asset Movement, Regular & pro-active health monitoring of important assets like Servers, Switches etc, Guaranteed Back-up of all your vital Data, highly efficient systems & periodic report submit for the same, Security monitoring of the entire Network for any internal / external intrusion, Reliable operation & reduction on total cost of ownership, Optimum utilization of manpower, Human independent system.